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We focus on delivering quality over quanitity.

At GWEP, we like to think of ourselves as your “One-stop foam supplier”. We have a highly-skilled workforce and dedicated service personnel as well as the most up to date foam fabricating equipment available. Because of our custom fabrication services and capabilities, we find ourselves able to respond to a diverse clientele.

Our objective is to deliver a quality product, at a fair price, in a time efficient manner.

Services Overview


foam Packaging

Foam packaging is one of the most ecomonical and secure methods for protecting your valuables. Whatever your item, we can help get it to your destination safely.


Dunnage is a recyclable material used to help protect cargo durring loading and shipping. GWEP offers a wide variety of Dunnage products.

Case inserts

Do you have a special product that you need to keep protected when not in use? We have the technology to design a perfect fit for even the most unique items.

Cad/CNC Design

Our state of the art design facility utilizes the latest computer assisted design equipment to ensure that your project meets exacting standards.


An efficient, professional staff and leading edge equipment combine to form some of the industry’s finest workmanship. Processes include: Skiving, Die Cutting, Hot Wire Cutting, Contour Cutting, and Thermo Plastic Molding


Our spacious facility allows us to handle jobs of nearly any size. Orders are packaged and loaded in clean, modern surroundings, ensuring that your product arrives on time and ready for use.